The Greatest Facilitator (Paperback)

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Best Practices to Become the Greatest Facilitator

Every day we all present in one way or another. It can be as informal as sharing an idea over a lunch meeting, or as high-stakes as delivering a speech or work session with an executive team. Regardless of the setting, your ability to inform and persuade is enhanced when you consider and implement some fundamental principles.

The greatest facilitators are introspective, deliberate in their practice, and acknowledge their own learning journey.

Drawn from hundreds of collective years of facilitation experience, this guide was compiled in an easy-to-navigate format for you to maximize those tips most relevant to your skillset. No matter how you approach this guide, our ultimate goal is to ignite your ability to facilitate positive, meaningful change in yourself and the people around you.

When you teach and facilitate, you plan an extraordinary role in the growth and development of learners. The Greatest Facilitator supports you in generating powerful learning experiences now and in the future.

Gleaned from FranklinCovey’s global network of consultants and client facilitators, this collection of Big Ideas and accompanying Practical Tips about facilitating effectively, in all types of environments, is a valuable resource for professionals at all skill levels.

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