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  1. The 8th Habit DVD

    The 8th Habit DVD

    This video resource is a compilation of 13 award winning video clips from FranklinCovey. This DVD resource will you help you enhance your leadership skills, promote discussion in staff and training meetings, introduce or close a meeting, motivate your team, and reinforce leadership principles.
  2. Empathic Listening: The Key to Communication (DVD)

    Empathic Listening: The Key to Communication (DVD)

    Everything you need to effectively teach the principle and practice of Empathic Listening to your team.
  3. 7 Habits Foundational Principles (DVD)

    7 Habits Foundational Principles (DVD)


    This DVD is a collection of video clips of internationally bestselling author Dr. Stephen R. Covey teaching the foundational principles of the 7 Habits. You’ll see 1 hour 40 minutes of Dr. Covey in live events and one-on-one; he covers topics such as:

    • Character and Personality
    •  Maturity Continuum, Paradigms
    • Three Person Teaching
    • Emotional Bank Account and much more.
  4. Everest: Creating Greatness (DVD)

    Everest: Creating Greatness (DVD)


    The incredible true story of the unthinkable: one blind man’s courageous quest for the summit of the tallest peak in the world. Include:

    • s the award-winning Everest video
    • 10-minute video meeting opener
    • Leadership in the 21st Century
    • video clip with Stephen R. Covey
    • 10-minute tonesetters
    • PDF facilitator guide
    • PDF participant guidebook
    • 16-slide PowerPoint presentation.

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